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Worship Times

Sunday - 8:30am and 10:00am


Vacation Bible School 2016!

July 25-29, 9am-Noon

At Surf Shack, the students will become Surfers and explore how to serve God and experience God’s amazing presence in their lives.

Please Join Apostle Presbyterian Church, First United Methodist Church, and Mount Hope Lutheran Church as we create the Surf Shack!

At the Surf Shack (located at First United Methodist Church 7520 West Lapham Street) , the surfers and lifeguards will glide through the week on an amazing fun filled wave.

All children ages 3 through 12 are invited.

You won’t want to miss this exciting VBS program!

Pre-Registration is Preferred

Free Music/Computer Game CD (One per Family) When You Register

Please sign up by July 17th.

Click the Surf Shack logo to learn more and sign up!


Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them… (Romans 12:6)


How wonderful that God has given us different gifts of grace!  We are to use these gifts to serve others.  There should not be any benchwarmers in the body of Christ. Every member has been given a gift and God didn’t give you a gift to bury it and wait for His return. So if you’re not serving, look around, figure out what needs to be done, and get on with doing it!  We have members of our congregation who are assisting ministers on Sunday mornings.  Too public for you?  There are members who visit one-on-one monthly with our homebound members.  Not sure if that’s your gift… try it out.  Maybe?  Talk to Pastor Brian.

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Please be sure to financially support Mt. Hope during the summer months.  Our ministry continues through June, July and August and we need your help to fund Mt. Hope’s on-going mission.





 A partnership between Mt. Hope Lutheran Church and the West Allis/West Milwaukee School District

Providing new clothing for homeless students in our neighborhood

What do we need now? 

We have done an inventory of the clothing we have so far for the Hope Closet.  THANK YOU to all who have brought in donations or contributed with cash, gift cards, and Kohls' cash!!  We have identified some gaps in our inventory.  Here are our needs at this time:
Girls' t-shirts and tops – sizes 4 through 10
Girls' sweatshirts – sizes 4-10
Girls' jeans or pants – sizes 4 – 10
Boys' – sizes 4-10
Boys' t-shirts sizes 4-12
Kids' tennis shoes, sizes 5-13
PJ's – all sizes
Donations may be placed in the plastic bin in the Fireside Room.  Together we are making a difference!
We can also use gift cards for clothing stores such as Kohls, Penny's, Boston Store, etc.  OR if you have Kohls cash you are not using--we can use it!   Monetary donations and gift cards may be placed in the Hope Closet mailbox outside of the church office.  Help us be a presence in our community as we become the hands and feet of Christ!